What Not To Do When Dealing With Pests

Please, please, please, please, please …….. don’t fog.
Most pests are descendants of pests subjected to fogging.
Those pests survived the fogging, and then mated with
other pests who survived that fogging.  Their descendants
are resistant to the fogging materials.  They seem to die,
but if you give them an hour, they “come back to life”
and go into hiding, where they reproduce without contact
with pesticides.

If you don’t know what the pest is, or where it came from, or where
it lives, don’t try to kill it on your own.  You will only make it more
difficult for the professional who is finally called upon to solve the

Second, don’t throw away the evidence of the pest before talking
with the pro you eventually call.  He might need it to identify the

Third, don’t try flamable materials for killing bugs.  People burn down
their houses every year trying this “proven” method.

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