Wasps, hornets, and bees

Wasps and hornets get priority treatment.  You don’t want to get stung; we like killing them.  Honey bees are different.  We prefer not killing them unless a bee keeper has declined to take them, since there is a shortage of this beneficial insect.
Here is a series of shots of a hornet nest and a honey bee hive.
marrs hornets 005

marrs hornets 006
The above nest was the size of a grapefruit.  The nest below
was larger than a basketball with a volley ball hanging on it.
bald-faced hornets 005
Notice the two entry holes.  The primary entrance is on
the right.
bald-faced hornets 010

These honey bees decided to nest in an old duck house.

Don’t get this close.
honey bees in duck house 010
That was in summer.  A lot of bees stayed outside fanning
the hive to keep the wax from melting.
Fall came and the hive moved on.

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