Termite Treatment

We use Termidor as a soil treatment for most of our termite work.  In most cases it is the best and most appropriate material available.  If soil treatment is not appropriate, we offer Bora-care wood treatment where applicable, and can monitor if necessary.  We also offer pre-construction treatments in coordination with your builder.

All treatments are full label rate.  No shortcuts.  No scam treatments for scam prices.
Calvary Campus gym 007a Calvary Campus gym 020a
Swarmers on the left, workers on the right.  Where’s my garlic butter?

06190005 termites exposed

At this office/warehouse building, you had to open
the wall to see the activity.

cumberland termites ministry center 009 cumberland termites ministry center 013
In this crawl space there were almost enough termites to make a meal!


At this site there were enough to make a meal.  This is the
base piece of wood in the pile.

This board was on top of the board seen above.  Note how
thick the mass of termites is.  There were  five boards
in this stack, all in similar condition.  Next to these boards
was a wood pillar supporting a main beam.

They extended up the pillar and ruined the beam, the joist
above it, the subfloor above that, and penetrated the gym
floor above that.

This termite swarm castle was built right through
the plastic moisture barrier in a crawl space.

This little termite is my grandson.  The big termite
helped set up this web site.

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