Pre-Construction Treatment

There is a history of shortcutting pretreats in Kentucky.  The labels call for a specific amount of material to be applied, and  most companies have complained that the ground will not accept that quantity of material.  That was accepted by the regulators for a long time, but not any more.  The label is the law.  That means the full quantity must be applied on each job site.

Somehow, that change has not affected the prices some companies charge for pretreats.  This should be a clue that some are not applying the full amount of material required by the law.  We think of this as fraud, on behalf of both the treating company and the builder who knowingly hires that company to treat for less than the cost of the material required by the label.

So… if you want cheap, call someone else.  If you want someone to treat as if that house was our house, call us.  Quality materials, applied strictly according to the label, with a warranty that reflects that standard, at a reasonable price.

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