We’re getting a lot of emergency calls about “hornets” in the ground.  If they are huge, swarming around and seem to be attacking each other on occasion, they are probably cicada killers.  They may or may not be drilling holes in your yard and leaving large piles of dirt next to the holes.  They will not attack you, and are fun to watch as they sting cicadas and bring them back to those holes.  Here is one who posed for photos just after I killed it.

cicada killer female 001

Bald-faced hornets are a lot of fun.  They look fierce, but are organized and predictable. That makes them easier to kill.  When the nest is little, they have fewer sentries and will buzz you but not attack unless severely provoked.  That happened with the first photo.

marrs hornets 005 marrs hornets 006
This mature nest had two entry holes, multiple sentries, four flight paths out and two flight paths in, and sent out 15 hornets to challenge the disturbance when I poked a hole in the top of the nest.

bald-faced hornets 005 bald-faced hornets 010
When you have a nest like this, we give a discount if you cut the nest down and hold it for us while we treat it.  Call us first, before you cut it!

dual hornet nests 002 dual hornet nests 004 dual hornet nests 003

When you have two active hives on the same house and you have to go out a window to treat them, call a pro.  The odds of getting stung are really high.

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