Roaches are one of the dirtiest bugs that we deal with, and if you have enough of them you will think you have dissentary and bronchitus.  Our team is trained in finding and killing roaches so that you can breathe easy in the clean environment of your home.
There are a few different types, and how we treat depends on which roaches you have.

German roaches have racing stripes!  Note the two brown stripes running lengthwise down the back.
roaches in trailer 010 [800x600] hinge roaches [800x600]
Roaches love electronic devices that “run them off”.

roaches_and_sonic_devices_002 roaches_and_sonic_devices_003 roaches_and_sonic_devices_005

This is why I love Z-brick.  So easy to hide behind.
Broader view of the cabinet door next to the stove.
roaches in trailer 010 [800x600] roaches in trailer 009 [800x600]

roaches in cabinets 010236


Roaches molt several times, and right after the molt they are white.  That lasts about 30 minutes.


restaurant roaches 017

Sometime you get a roach who doesn’t want to be in your house.  The pennsylvania wood roach is a good example.  The adult males are good fliers, and fly to light at night.  If one flies in, just turn out the indoor lights, turn on an outdoor light, and open the door.  It will fly out to the light.

pennsylvania_wood_roach_001 pennsylvania_wood_roach_002(1)



The females have short wings and cannot fly.


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