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* Bug shown is actual size of the first bug a woman sees in her house.

First things first…

We are licensed in Kentucky and Indiana ONLY
.   If your pest problem is not in Kentucky or Indiana, we can’t help you.

Charlie from Swat Team Pest Control, Kentucky

I started using the Swat Team at my former residence for Cicada Killer wasps. My first year i was overrun with them. Swat Team was able to get under control. When I moved I called them for an overall spraying. Nothing in particular. Great Company and people to work with. I highly recommend.

thumb Terry Surface
June 28, 2021

I've used them at multiple commercial properties for years and they've been reliable and great to work with!

thumb Patrick S
April 2, 2021

Always excellent service...would highly recommend this company.

thumb Edwin Sulzer
August 31, 2022

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Proudly Using Termidor

So you know, we’re proud to do all our post-construction termite work with Termidor® termiticide. Click here for details.